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Respect for All Week

Monday 2/11 - Crazy Socks Day

All staff and students are invited to wear crazy shocks to kick-off Respect For All Week


Tusday 2/12 - Tolerance for All Day

Students are encouraged to wear multicolored clothing to embrace diversity!


Wednesday 2/13 - Anti-Bullying Presentation 

Students will attend an anti-bullying presentation given by our drama students and guidance counselors


Thursday 2/14 - Have a Heart Day

Students and staff are invited to wear red in support heart disease awareness.


Friday 2/15 - Heritage Hat /No One Eats Alone Day

Students are encouraged to wear hats representative of their heritage to celebrate all of our beautiful cultures!

Friday, February 12, 2019 is also National No One Eats Alone Day:

Students will engage in fun and meaningful lessons encouraging them to increase their compassion, empathy, and inclusive behaviors.