• Homework Policy


    Homework is assigned approximately (3) times per week in each subject area. The HW rubric is on a 5-point scale and is posted on our website, www.is98.net. The Homework lateness policy for all classes is as follows: if a child submits a HW assignment late, then the homework grade is reduced by (1) level for the first day it is late and an additional (1) level point for each week it is late. For example, if a child submits a HW (2) weeks late, then the maximum score that the child may receive is a score of (2). HW assignments will not be accepted (1) month after the original assignment due date. Please see below.

    (1) day late: maximum score is a 4.

    (1)  week late: maximum score is 3.

    (2)  weeks late: maximum score is 2.

    (3)  weeks late: maximum score is 1.